1. Presentation Research Group 2016-2017


          2. Date      Friday 2 June 2017
            Time      13.00-17.00h followed by drinks
            Venue    Gallery of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague
          3. You are cordially invited to attend the presentation of research projects by participants in the Research Group 2016-2017, ran by the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice. 

            During the past year, participants have discussed their respective projects, approaches, methods, dilemmas and possible outcomes in monthly meetings chaired by Janneke Wesseling. On Friday 2 June from 13.00-17.00h they will share the various outcomes of their projects during a public programme which comprises short lectures, presentations, screenings and performances. There will be ample opportunity for group discussion and the afternoon will be concluded with informal drinks.

            The presentations are open to anyone interested in research, including students of all departments.

          4. Programme

            • 13.15-13.25    
              Introduction by Janneke Wesseling on the aims and the set-up of the Research Group

            • 13.30-14.05     
              Alexandra Landré (Fine Arts)
              Network / Sculpture
              Network / Sculpture investigates an array of contemporary artistic practices that use systems, assemblages and other spatial compositional elements to extend the notion of sculpture. Located on the interstice between theory, artistic practices and the curatorial, the project considers several questions regarding the role of exhibitions as a formative factor within installation art and the emphasis on composition elements as a sculptural language, while revisiting several system-based concepts of the notion of sculpture. All in support of the guiding question: is there a new form of ‘network.sculpture’?

            • 14.05-14.40            
              Lena Shafir (Interactive/Media/Design)
              Design Thinking is a compass - use it to explore and find value beyond design practice
              In her design practice and in her work with students, Shafir is always on the lookout for new ways of understanding cultures and structures from a design perspective. The Design Thinking method is an approach to perceiving and analysing the world around us. It offers surprising, powerful insights and solutions – which are just as effective in non-design environments. The moment has come for the arts educational sector to introduce this new approach to the wider world.

            • 14.40-15.15            
              Anja Hertenberger (Interactive/Media/Design)
              Engaging your senses to learn about the world
              In the field of so-called wearable technology, or e-textiles, the relationship between body, technology and environment takes center stage. Hertenberger is interested in the potential of the human body, of our senses, to allow us to protect ourselves, to learn about and to enjoy the world – and how technology can help us to connect to our bodies and maximize our senses. By bringing in intuition into the domain of electronics, she wants to provide a counterbalance to the dominant paradigm of technological development.

            • 15.15-15.30            
              Film screening Jasper Coppes’ FLOW COUNTRY

            • 15.30-15.50            

            • 15.50-16.25           
              Jasper Coppes (Master Artistic Research)
              Observations in solidarity
              Coppes’ recent film FLOW COUNTRY investigates the medium of 16mm film as an archaeological record in itself. It proposes that the ‘archaeology of the present’ can be a site of production. This balance between artifact and representation is further extended in the relationship between subject and object in artistic research. With current work done in Greenland, Coppes explores how social justice forms the framework within which ideas unfold about landscape, ecology and spirituality. How does one establish an ‘immersed’ perspective, that embraces human and non-human entities?

            • 16.25-17.00            
              Jan Robert Leegte (Graphic Design)
              Interface, surface and face
              The internet is an unimaginably vast ecology of data and processes. Deeply stored data immutable like buried granite, other data constantly in flux like a rushing mountain stream. Here, at the opaque surface of this churning ocean of bits, the realm of the computer and our realm meet. In this project, Leegte explores the mediating face of the networked computer, an area where metaphors, allegories and fantasy prevail and where interfacing has the potential to become an artistic act.

            • 17.00-18.00
            Credits: film still FLOW COUNTRY © Jasper Coppes, camera Casper Brink. /1